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Thank you for visiting our Website. Below is a little about what this website is about, who we are, the experiences we have had and the journeys we have taken in the past 16 years!  We hope you enjoy our stories and photos!

When Angels Touch is a site that is dedicated to the exploration of the “Messages from the Universe”.

tom signatureTom’s journey begins on Feb. 9, 2001.  Here is his story:  It all started for me with a near-death experience [or you might say a “magical moment”] that occurred during a major car accident in 2001. Just prior to the accident, I “heard” a loud male voice tell me to slow to 35 from 60 miles an hour. I lived because I followed those instructions. I later had a vision of the angel that talked to me—Archangel Michael. Even later, a cloud of his image came to me in Sedona Arizona.

Over the years after the accident, I started to receive a variety of visions, metaphysical and psychic messages. Then I started to see incredible images in rocks and sidewalks. Then the clouds started to talk to me through their forms and images. In 2006 my wife Carol and I were guided to visit New Mexico and Arizona in the Southwest United States. And later in 2007, we were guided to go to Peru with people we met in Palm Springs, California. These trips began a regular routine of searching the US and other sacred sites in the world for extraordinary messages that might be called metaphysical or paranormal. While most people experience the clouds in childhood while laying in a field and wondering  at the images that they see that perhaps mimic animals or people. I certainly did that as well. As we grow up, we tend to accept the clouds for the rain they give and as the normal everyday landscape that we see when we leave our house or business. However, I was brought back to the reality of the clouds at the age of 59. It happened on our trip to Peru in November 2007. On the train ride from Cuzco to Machu Picchu, I could see two amazing clouds formed in the shape of the Puma and the Condor as I gazed through the upper windows of the train car. The Puma, the Condor, and the Serpent are the sacred entities of the Inca. It was clear to me that this was no coincidence! Of course I took lots of photographs to save them. After that train ride, this event made Carol and I to look to the skies all the time to see what images and messages may be there.7Messages from clouds like the Puma and the Condor was the subject of my first book in 2009,” A  JOURNEY TO THE CLOUDS—Messages from the Sky”, and my second book in 2010, “FACES OF THE UNIVERSE—Sacred Images”. The third book “SIMPLY ANGELIC—Divine Images” in 2013 is the latest compilation of cloud images and their stories as well as meditations.  Such messages or images from clouds, have led to significant changes in my beliefs about our surroundings, our environment, our planet,  and other life forms in the universe. Carol and I now believe in Angels and that they are with all of us. This is a big change from the past when we had our doubts. My only explanation is that we, as human beings, are not alone on this planet or in the universe. That perhaps, other intelligence exist with and along side us in various ways and forms such as the Djinn, Sprites, Ancestral and Paranormal spirits, and even Alien species of various kinds. My wife Carol and I have been blessed to have been able to capture with our camera so many unbelievable images that have convinced us without a doubt of the existence of other entities around us. The purpose of this website is to share many of these experiences and images with you so that you may enjoy and learn from them. Maybe you have had similar experiences. Maybe it will stimulate similar journeys for you. Perhaps you will begin to see messages in the sky and the Earth like we do. So what is the Relevance of this Website to you? I believe that these cloud and other images presented are a great gift from the Angels to all of us. We have been fortunate and blessed to have been presented with, and to have captured these images for you to see. We also believe that these images open the gateways within us—if we choose it—to the Angelic Realms, and to our own Angelic support and guidance. Ultimately, it is about  understanding and experiencing that we are not alone— and that the Angels are here to help. This website is RELEVANT in that it presents information relative to the variety of entities that inhabit the Earth and the Sky right along side us. Even though we may not see them with our eyes, these beings exist and show us that we are not alone. This website is also RELEVANT in that it helps us understand our place on this planet Earth, and the meaning of our lives. Why are we here? What are we supposed to be doing here? We never thought the answer would be to LOVE!put somewhereThe one thing Carol and I have learned through our experiences since 2001 is that what is truly important is LOVE. I guess we all search for the ultimate meaning of life for ourselves. We have found out that it is not such a complex answer. Our search is completed—we now understand that the meaning of life is so simple…it is LOVE. It is about loving each other unconditionally, and expressing DIVINE LOVE…the love of all creation on this planet and in this universe. It is about loving and honoring the Earth itself, the animals, insects, fish, the air, the water, the clouds, and the people too. Expressing and acting upon such meanings of LOVE takes understanding, and work on an everyday basis. Clearly, our planet needs a lot more LOVE than it is getting now. Once you embrace these concepts, we believe that you will find that your existence will be very special and fulfilling. I hope you enjoy our website. Thank you for visiting our website. You may contact me, or share your stories or photographs with me, by email at tom@whenangelstouch.com

May the Clouds Bless your LIFE!

Tom Lumbrazo

The cover of our new book due out in Sept 2017

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