Open Your Heart


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This encounter with the Heart was very puzzling and remarkable at the same time. It all started in 2009 when I was walking in our neighborhood on a paved asphalt parking lot. Suddenly, I found myself just a foot away from this heart shaped stone on the ground. It was glowing red! It looked like there was some internal light source like you would see with a light bulb in a glass cover.

I was amazed that this stone was so intensely lighted. I picked it up and I noticed this stone was a carved crystal about 2 inches long. While it was so bright, it was not warm or hot to the touch. But what was so interesting too was that it was so bright on top of the black asphalt.

I took it home and took pictures of it and wondered what I would ever do with this crystal and the photos of it. Now I know!

In November 2012, while sitting at my desk and computer and I noticed the photo of this Heart. Suddenly I got the “message” that I should share it with everyone. I was able to spread the reddish color to the asphalt  area on the photo so that it would look better than black asphalt, and then another “message” came in to me that I should name it “OPEN YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL SEE”.

For you see, this message of “Open Your Heart And You Will See” is the truth. It is the truth that I believe in and it works.

Our Hearts are everything! The Heart has the power to Love and to allow us to accomplish anything we wish. It is so powerful yet we take it for granted everyday.

I hope that you can experience what I have experienced with belief in the power of the Heart.

– Tom Lumbrazo