Three Angels Came For Mom

blog - 3 angels for mom

My mom, Fern, passed on September 15, 2011, just six weeks after dad died. They had been together for 64 years. I had been connected by email with my good friend Judith from Pennsylvania who had predicted my dad’s death on July 22nd, and at that same time, said my mom would pass about six weeks after. She also said that three angels were waiting for her.

The last week that mom was alive, I would visit her daily. She was on Hospice Care at that time as well. When Hospice took over, they moved her to the corner of her room in the Assisted Care Facility, just under one of the paintings I had done two years earlier.

That painting was very abstract with purple and black colors. As I sat with her about five days before she died, I noticed that there were pinpoint lights in the center of the painting. They were not there before!

The next two days I visited, I noticed those lights got brighter and brighter. I felt that something was really happening with that painting. It just seemed so impossible for the painting to come “alive” so to speak.

The last two days I was with mom, the angels came. Those lights in the center of the painting were now in the form of angels…three of them. The one at the far left was the most detailed. It showed a figure with hood and details of the face. I thought to myself, Judith was absolutely right! The three angels were there waiting for mom to help her transition to the other side…to the Light!

Once mom had passed, my painting immediately turned back to the purple and black colors. There were no more lights. The angels had done their job! And I thanked them.