A Father’s Soul Energy

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My wife Carol and I had some difficult years recently. After 3 years of ill health, my Dad, John, died on July 22, 2011, and Mom, Fern, on September 15, 2011. Carol’s Dad, Harold, passed on June 9, 2012. In all these cases of death, Carol and I have experienced messages from the “other” side.

I got a call from the assisted care facility at 9:30 pm on July 22nd to come quickly. As I arrived 20 minutes later, Dad had just passed. Of course, while I was very sad, I got this message in my mind to take a photo with my iPhone just over his body. The next day I looked at that photo. It showed nothing but pure energy in the form of red, orange, blue, and yellow colors in a very geometric form. I said to myself…”this is Dad”. This is where we all go when we pass on. We transform into energy–such beautiful energy!

Carol and I firmly believe that our Souls continue on and that deceased beings can communicate with those on Earth. This was especially confirmed with the death of my Dad. We have a friend, Judith, from Pennsylvania who can use her mind to travel dimensionally into other planes of existence. She can also heal souls that have not been able to go to the “Light”. With her talent, she is able to direct these souls to the “Light”.  After Dad died, I asked her to see what she could of Dad. The next day, she emailed me that she contacted Dad and that he was happy but somewhat confused about the rays of light that were around him. He also said to her that he was greeted by several of his relatives of long ago and decided not to go with them. He said he was not going to the “Light” as yet, as he liked where he was now, that he loved me, and wanted to stay around to help me. Hearing about this conversation between Dad and Judith made me feel very comfortable.

John was a devoted musician and music fan. Every day he would whistle various songs. I remember as a young kid my Dad playing his amazing trumpet in bands in bars and restaurants in upstate New York. I remember him in the marching band, dressed in his red, white, and blue uniform and hat while playing his trumpet to the song…”When the Saints Go Marching In”. His trumpet playing was in demand too. He told me of stories of playing his trumpet during World War II in Europe for the officers and enlisted men. I really admired his ability, particularly since my attempts to play the trumpet as a kid were a complete failure, much to my Dad’s disappointment.

After Dad died, I started to get messages in my head of songs…of very old songs from the era of the 30s, 40’s and 50’s. Some of these messages were like titles being typed in my brain accompanied by the beginning of the melody. Other times, somehow the melody would instantly come into me. Somewhat like how speaking works…it just comes out without too much thinking about it. Most of these songs I might have heard before, but I would never consciously sing them on purpose or know the words. But without hesitation, I would start to hum and sing those songs. I could not prevent myself from singing them out loud. It would happen when I would be walking with Carol, or just sitting by myself, or at bedtime. For months, I would get such song messages several times a week, like  “Ain’t She Sweet” from 1927 but later performed by Frank Sinatra, “Sea Cruise” performed by Frankie Ford in 1959, “I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter” performed by Fats Waller in the 1930s, “Anything Goes” written by Cole Porter, “Ain’t Misbehavin” performed by Fats Waller in 1929, and “Rockin’ Robin” performed by Bobby Day in 1958. There were so many more and I would try to write them all down. I think Dad’s purpose in doing this with me is to communicate that he is around me and loves me. Also the lyrics seemed to be calling to his wife Fern.  Many times the lyrics of some songs would match what I was feeling emotionally at that moment.

The most incredible communication came on a warm evening in April, 2012. Carol and I were sitting in our backyard having a glass of wine. All of a sudden, we both heard a solo trumpet playing in the silence of that twilight night. The sound of this trumpet was exceptional…no flaws whatsoever. It could only be a very talented musician. Both of us started to cry at the beauty of the song, and the amazing talent of this musician. Since we have 40 acres of public nature lands behind us, it was odd to be hearing this trumpet being played. We had never heard this music before nor have we heard it since.

All of a sudden we got it! It was Dad playing this beautiful song on his trumpet. But this time we both felt it was done so both Carol and I could hear it loudly in the silence of that night. But why? We looked at each other and then we knew. Dad and Mom did not make it to their 65th wedding anniversary…only the 64th. And so Dad on that night of April 19, 2012 was playing for Mom and honoring her, his longtime Love, and telling us that April 19th was very special to him. April 19, 2012 would have been their 65th anniversary!