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Did you ever get a feeling or sign to do something? Have you ever met people who don’t seem real? This has happened to my wife Caroline and I many times, but in the Fall of 2011, a very special message was delivered to us. In 2010, I got my first sign about what was to be in our future. It was a travel magazine in my Mother’s doctor’s office about the new Navajo hotel, The View, in Monument Valley in the northern Arizona area. Immediately, I knew I wanted to go there.

After the passing of my parents in the summer of 2011, I asked my wife Caroline if we could go to The View hotel in the fall. Caroline was reluctant, so I agreed to wait. Instead, we decided to go to San Francisco, to see the San Francisco Giants and to visit our friend Alan. Interestingly, Alan channels the Higher Beings, including Angels and Archangels.  These “messages” always make our get togethers interesting.

We arrived in San Francisco on September 29, and had lunch with Alan. We discussed my suggestion to go to Monument Valley soon.  All of a sudden, Alan starts channeling. He then says…”The Elders – the Elders want you to go to Monument Valley now … they say it is very important. Without hesitation, Caroline immediately ageed to go. The second sign had been given.

Caroline soon made our reservations for the week of November 7th. November 11th is my birthday and we would be there on 11-11-2011.

Then the third sign showed itself.  In October, while on a walk Caroline and I noticed a cloud that seemed to be changing so quickly.  As we stared at it, the left end of the cloud transformed into a huge head and profile of a face.  Both of us instantly came to the same conclusion. The cloud represented the face of a Navajo Native American! Amazingly, the cloud had given us the message of approval and confirmaion that following The Elders advice was correct.

16 Native American Cloud of Confirmation

When we arrived at The View Hotel we were stunned at the beauty of the Monument Valley area and the amazing setting of the hotel overlooking the valley. We could not believe the peace and quietness of the area, and the serene vistas in all directions.

Monument Valley 2011 389Monument  Valley Dec 2011 472

Then the fourth sign came on the night of November 10th. We had dinner at the hotel and were seated next to two older women. We introduced ourselves and they said they were from Philadelphia. The younger women who was about 60 introduced her Mom of 92. As we talked prior to eating, we noticed how young the 92 year old Mom seemed. She was amazing. She was so animated, so intelligent, and spoke most of the time so clearly that Caroline and I thought that she acted more like a 40 year old. She was not like any other 92 year old I had ever met. After dinner, we said goodbye to them and told them we would be leaving the next morning.

On Friday the 11th the fifth sign would be unveiled. We left the hotel at 9:30 am to drive the 4 hours to Sedona, Arizona. We were able to visit with our Native American friend Storm for the entire afternoon and later decided to find a restaurant on the outskirts of Sedona, recognizing it was 11-11-11 and that Sedona was very crowded.

Next the impossible happened as the last sign was shown to us. We found a restaurant named Pizzazz Pizza and even though it was on the edge of town, it was already crowded at 5 pm. As we sat down at the last available table, Caroline and I noticed those same two women from dinner last night in Monument Valley were coming into the restaurant. We were stunned as this was much more than a coincidence! This was simply unbelievable –actually it was almost impossible!

I went up to the two women and they greeted me with smiles and excitement. Then the 92 year old woman looks up to me and says “Tom, when we get home to Philadelphia, I will send you a packet of information that you will need. But right now, you need to promise me something!” I responded, “What?”

“Tom, you need to research this woman—it is very important!” OK, I will, but who is it?” She responds, “It is Julian of Norwich– of Norwich England. Julian has a very important message for you.” At that moment, I knew for sure these were no ordinary women, they were very special messengers.

As I said goodbye and hugged them, I knew these were Angels… Angels in human form to send and important message. So how did I know they were Angels? Simply put, I could not answer these questions any other way: how did they pick Pizzazz Pizza when there are hundreds of restaurants in Sedona? ; and how could they arrive at Pizzazz Pizza at the exact same time that we were there?; and why had they waited to find me again to deliver this special message on my birthday on 11-11-11?

After dinner, I immediately began to research Julian of Norwich on my iPad. I should have known what this was about because what do Angels represent the most –LOVE! For you see, Julian of Norwich was such an important woman of her time of the late 1300’s in England. So many people around her were dying of the plague. She got it as well when she was about 30.

On her deathbed, Julian recounts that she had 16 visitations  from Jesus who gave her the meaning of Divine Love. Incredibly after those visitations, she was healed and lived into her 70’s.


The most important message to her from Jesus was about DIVINE LOVE. God’s love of all his creation from the smallest thing to the largest. The love of the Creator who made all this a reality for us.

Julian wrote about these visitations as best as she could remember. In one of her books called Revelations of Divine Love, she talks about God’s love for all that is made, that all creation is in God’s wise care, the love for humanity by God, and that Crist dwells in the Souls who love him. As a result of this book and others, she became the first women to write books in the English language. She is remembered for the meaning of these visitations from Jesus and how import the message is —DIVINE LOVE!!!

I would say that God and those two Angels wanted us to learn about Divine Love and to implement it in our daily lives. This story is one of the ways  to bring Julian of Norwich and Divine Love to you …from the 1300’s to todays world. I encourage you to research this subject and act upon it in your own way, as it is so important for our planet and all its inhabitants.


Tom Lumbrazo was saved by and Angel (Archangel Michael) in a terrible care accident in 2001. Since that time, he has experienced many signs and messages. He is an author of books about the clouds, a photographer, an artist and a city planner.