The Adventure to Peru – November 2007
The trip happened in a very unexpected way. First of all, in 2006, my wonderful psychic Linda Schooler told me in a session that I would start to travel to the Southwest within 6 months, and then we would begin to travel internationally for the rest of our lives. I told her that was impossible since I was very busy at work and had no such plans. Sure enough, soon Carol and I were traveling to New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. On a trip to Palm Springs, we met Fredric DELARUE who was setting up his first spiritual tour of Peru with a friend who once lived in Lima. We agreed to go along and the adventure began…

Peru Pt. 2 Nov 2007 395

We met the group in Los Angeles and flew 9 hours to Lima, arriving late at night. We flew to Cusco in the mountain region the next morning. Adjusting to the 10,000 ft altitude was our first challenge. We did fine, but others were ill. We visited the center of Cusco and several sacred sites during our brief time in Cusco. We saw examples of how the Inca, or even a prior culture, managed to build walls and buildings of stone that fit perfectly together without any mortar at all. Imagine these structures have lasted for centuries and through many earthquakes and are still there. From Cusco we took the long train ride to Aqua Caliente and Machu Picchu, the famous sacred site and amazing ruins. A very significant thing happened on our train ride…it was the first of our amazing cloud sightings. Through the top of the passenger train car, I could see the sky, and then the clouds came. An then it happened, cloud images of the Condor and the Puma.. two of the sacred entities of the Inca. The third is the Serpent. It was later seen in the clouds over Puna near Lake Titicaca. All of these are in the slide show following this description of our trip.

On this trip we had two wonderful days in Machu Picchu and it is all that the experts say it is. Just amazing! We also took a trip across the country by bus to Lake Titicaca which is the largest lake in the world at the elevation of 13,000 ft. We took a boat ride from Puno to islands of ancient cultures including one that survives still on man-made islands of reeds that they grow in the lake and harvest. They eat them, make their houses and make incredible boats with them. We also traveled to a Witches Village late at night, then on to an Oasis in the desert in Southern Peru. We took a small plane which flew us over the famous Nasca lines in the desert – another amazing site and truly mysterious as to why and how they were created and remain there. And we ended our trip at a small ocean side village for a late lunch before heading back north to Lima and our flight home. We covered a great deal of Peru, saw many ancients sites and the lives of the Peruvian people today, and took so many pictures. It was a short trip, we overcame some hardship and unexpected challenges, but it was all worth it.

We hope you enjoy the photographs in the slide shows below and perhaps they will stimulate you to travel to Peru in the future. You will not be disappointed! Blessings, Tom and Carol

Cusco and Machu Picchu


The Sacred Valley, Cusco and Incan ruins


Witches Village, Nasca Lines, Puno and Lake Titicaca