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This is a most extraordinary story, a real story that happened to me from December 2005 to about 2010. It is about the great singer George Michael, the television series Eli Stone, and myself [Tom Lumbrazo]. It is a story of connections between these three things even though I have never met George Michael, or any of the members connected to the Eli Stone show. Even to this day, I am not sure why it all happened, but it did happen.

It all started in December 2005 when all of a sudden, I had this urge, this overwhelming craving to hear George Michael music. I had to listen to it whenever I could—in the car going to work and at home. Everyday! And this lasted from that day for years later, although it decreased in intensity that last year. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Sure we all have food cravings, but nothing like this. I never did until this happened!

Over the months and years, I tried to figure this out. I went to my two best psychics. All that they could say is either Archangel Michael is with you or you will meet George Michael someday. That was not a precise enough answer for me yet the daily music cravings continued and continued…

I got so used to hearing the songs. It was like getting up in the morning and showering, having breakfast or going to Starbucks for coffee before work. It was just another thing you had to do to start and finish the day. Over and over, I heard “Jesus to a Child, Faith, Freedom, Father Figure”, and on and on.

Now I have to say I always liked George’s music even when he was a part of the group Wham. But certainly not at this level. I have never had an obsession with a musical artist and his or her songs. It seemed like a craving I just could not stop no matter how I tried.

So imagine you are living this way  from December 2005 until January 2008, when the pilot TV show “Eli Stone” first appeared. Imagine what I thought when I saw the promos on TV weeks before the show appeared and that it seemed to mimic the life I was living…hearing George Michael music all the time. The show was based on a corporate attorney that all of a sudden was seeing and hearing George Michael play his music, even when he was sitting in a business meeting with other attorneys. The real George Michael was an actor in the show playing his music. But why this same theme of George Michael in the life of the attorney Eli Stone, as he was in my life too via his music.

Well, my wife Carol and I had to watch that first episode of “Eli Stone”. As that first show started, I felt immediately stunned by the story line of the show. This show was about Eli Stone, a San Francisco attorney with a big law firm in a high rise skyscraper, who suddenly starts seeing George Michael playing his music on the office conference room. Other people were in the conference room as well. But only he can see George Michael or hear the music. By the way, it was the real George Michael playing and singing his musical throughout the many episodes of the show. I wondered to myself, why him…why was George Michael selected for this show…there are so many talented artists they could have easily picked another.

My wife and I, at this time, have our mouths wide open because of what we are seeing…this is a show about what is happening to me in real life. Only in my case, I just have to play and hear George’s music. You can imagine our thoughts…how did this idea get started, and who actually put this idea or concept into a real TV show? Why George Michael? Why is the show based on some spiritual message or happenings similar to what was happening to me?

Each episode seemed to be based on one of George’s real songs and the message from that song. So with the first episode, we just thought that somehow there was a connection between what I was living and the concept of the show. But it seemed to be much more than a simple coincidence for sure.

The second episode was about Peace—which is what I have lived all my life. In fact I was born on 11-11, which was originally Armistice [Peace] Day, that day of November 11, 1918 which commemorated the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany. So I really resonate with that particular date and the message of that episode as well.

The third episode was the one that “sealed the deal” so to speak. With this one, I  no longer had any doubt that there was a significant connection between what was  happening to me, George Michael, and Eli Stone. In this episode, a Mexican couple come to the United States and believe that they are legally here, but the people or company that they worked with to be legal immigrants was phony and so the federal government was trying to deport them. As in each episode, Eli takes the case of a needy person or couple with a legal issue. that somehow has a spiritual message. This Mexican couple was in need of an attorney to fight to allow them to stay. Through Eli’s help, they get to stay in America. During the trial, the wife had to admit she had a baby many years ago in Mexico as a teenager and had to give it up. The husband never knew of this.

The last scene was the proof I needed of another connection between the show and my life. As the wife, husband, and Eli were walking out of the building, she asked Eli to help her find her lost child from years ago. Instantly, Eli said “I would start with St. Anthony’s in Roseville, California”. My wife and I were stunned! How in the world did Eli come up with Roseville, California as the place…the place where Carol and I live and have lived for decades—our small city. The producers or writers of the show could have picked a million other places, towns, big cities….and more likely should have picked a place in Mexico where the baby was left in the first place. But they picked Roseville! For a week, Carol and I could not stop talking about this amazing incident—it was no coincidence. But why Roseville, why this show, why  this theme, and why George Michael?

I decided to try to contact the producers or somebody affiliated with the show in Los Angeles. I wrote to the show and it was returned. So I gave up on that effort. But not in my beliefs! Something special had happened.

So that is the story. I had five years of listening incessantly to George Michael, and a TV show was made in the similar, almost identical, concept of what I was living. And the TV show even mentioned our town to cap it all off.

I don’t know what more to say, but if you put yourself in my place, you would surely think that something was at work here to make these incredible connections somehow.

So what is my analysis? I now think, based on my spiritual connections with Archangel Michael, that Michael through the George Michael music was communicating with me on a daily basis from 2005. I think he was telling me that he was there with me, and all the time, possibly guiding me and protecting me in some way. I know that he saved my life in a major car accident in 2001 when he actually spoke to me to tell me to slow down to 35mph when I was going 60. That saved my life! I have seen Archangel Michael in visions starting in 2005. So it makes sense that he could have manifested through the George Michael songs. And why George Michael? Obviously the reason is that George Michael has Michael in his actual name as a sign to me. I also believe that many of George Michael’s songs, which he has written over the years, have very spiritual messages contained in the lyrics. and which resonate with me and my beliefs.

But the connection to the TV show is still a little unclear. Perhaps to send a message to me to act like Eli Stone…to help those that need some kind of help, or for other reasons. Who knows, but it is clear to me that the concept of the show and the connection to Roseville is not a coincidence! Perhaps one day I will find the precise answer to this. Nonetheless, this all has been an incredible experience.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

-Tom Lumbrazo

You can access George Michael’s music through his website:
You can purchase the Eli Stone TV series either through a download at Itunes or on DVD at Amazon.com…”Eli Stone: the Complete First Season”