The Stargate Cloud

blog - the stargate cloud

This event is about the most wonderful experience anyone could have in life—to experience a Stargate. Some say a Stargate is a portal which allows a pathway to other dimensions besides our own. Many scientists now actually believe that there may be many dimensions and many universes. But who knows really?

blog - the stargate cloud 4It started in April 2008 when my wife Carol and I went to England and France. While in France, we seemed guided to a coastal area of the northwest area of France, in particular a small town on the English Channel named St. Malo.  Funny though, two of my talented psychic friends told me before we went on the trip that they felt we would be presented with a Stargate guarded by Angels, and that we should honor it when it shows. But they could not describe what it would look like.

As we came into St. Malo by train, we saw this beautiful village on the coast with restaurants and many hotels. We got out and then we saw a strange looking cloud that caught our interest. It was quite large and wispy but changing by the second.

Almost instantly, there was another cloud near a building that seemed to have little creatures, almost angelic in appearance. It seemed like something was happening…I felt it inside of me and I got excited.
Seconds later, another cloud appeared to the right of the angelic beings. This one appeared to be a large head in profile looking to the left. It had one large eye, a pointed nose, and a mouth. Seeing just this cloud, I would have been satisfied but much more was to come.

blog - the stargate cloud 1Nearby this cloud, I saw another cloud as I panned the sky. It looked like a “Superman” pose with arms extended flying through the sky and it had a head, long ears, eye, and open mouth. The face looked animal-like such as you might see in a dog or fox since its nose was narrow and extended. Well, as I was seeing all these clouds, I wondered what could be next?

blog - the stargate cloud 3Then from above, another cloud appeared! I could not believe what I was seeing! A cloud that looked like the creature in the “Predator” movies—a humanoid figure with long legs poised on top of a cloud surface, with one arm, hand, and the index finger pointed downward. It had a chest area and a head with an eye but the head was fashioned in the likeness of that “Predator” creature. As amazing as this cloud figure was, I was thinking why was he pointing down with his index finger. I would soon find out.

But then this event then got a little humorous. As I looked to the side in the sky, I then saw this cloud mass that included a creature with a head held up by his two arms and hands. This is a position I have done many times such as in school where you put your head or chin in your hands with your elbows on the desk and gazing at the instructor. This creature was surveying all that was going on from its position…it just made me laugh to think these cloud beings were enacting a real event and this cloud being was just watching it all play out.

Well, and then it happened! All of a sudden to the right, the STARGATE cloud appeared! It was positioned over a building that was situated along the beach. Imagine seeing this cloud…it was so huge and precise. A huge cloud with a precise hole in the shape of a pyramid or triangle so that you could see the clear sky through the triangle. I got chills down my back at this moment! And I rapidly took as many photos as I could of this cloud as I did not know how long it would last.

As I looked at the cloud and took photos, I felt like TIME had stopped for me. I felt like I could even jump through that triangle in the sky. Perhaps I was correct too because as I was taking these photographs, I was also noticing that about 50 people walked by me on the sidewalk and did not look up to see any of these clouds or even to look to see what I was doing pointing a camera to the sky. It seemed like they   could not see me or these clouds.

blog - the stargate cloud 2Carol and I talked about what had happened the rest of the day and the remainder of our trip. When we got home to California and I put camera disc to download into my computer, I printed out the Stargate photo and turned it on its side. I was stunned! Now the Stargate appears like a human figure with a large head and eyes, nose and mouth but the triangle is now on the shoulder of this being. It even appeared that there was a bright white necklace around the neck of this being. Was this the real answer to what I saw that day?

Now, years later, I still cannot get these clouds images out of my mind…they were so impressive. I would have to say, they have changed me and my views about life. Funny thing too…my two psychic friends were right after all…I did see a Stargate, and I honored it as instructed.

-Tom Lumbrazo