The Merkaba Cloud

blog - the merkaba cloud 1

August 14th 2009 was a very special day for me. Little did I know when I went to the local hospital to pick up a prescription for my mom that I would see something very few people have ever seen—a Merkaba or Merkabah. That very day it really happened!

As I was coming out of the hospital and into its vast parking lot, I looked up into a beautiful blue sky day with occasional clouds. The sky was so blue that day. My head turned upward and there it was—a cloud that I have never seen ever before. The cloud was about a 11 o’clock position in the sky but how it appeared was so unusual.

blog - the merkaba cloud 2I was so excited to see it since it looked and felt alive. It looked alive  because it had a roundish face, with two big eyes, and a huge grin or smile. And it looked like it was just staring down at me and laughing with me. I have never had such an emotional feeling about a cloud before.

In addition to the face, it had legs stretched out, arms, and wings seemed to be there too. I had my camera and I took lots of photos of it as it evolved. I noticed too that here was another cloud next to it and it looked like an animal— perhaps an elephant or wolf. This cloud had 4 legs, a tail, and what looked like a trunk, and a big eye.

I went home immediately and downloaded the photos and sent them to one of my favorite psychics to see if she knew what these were. Almost instantly she said one was the Merkaba, and the other is the Protector of the Merkaba. I asked her what a Merkaba was and she said I needed to look it up. That’s when I knew I had to find out what a Merkaba was.

I looked for the definition on the internet and Wikipedia. It defined Merkaba as the throne-chariot of God, the four-wheeled vehicle driven by four living creatures—a man, lion, ox, and eagle. The Merkaba was talked about in the Old Testament Bible, and is associated with Ezekiel because he saw it then…perhaps around 600 BC. As well, the Merkaba is also defined as a means of travel between dimensions.

I kept asking friends if they ever heard of the word. Nobody knew! I happened to meet later with my friend who was originally from Iraq. I asked him. He responded by saying, “Of course I have heard of it and its meaning!”. He also said everyone knows about the Merkaba in the Middle East. At that moment, I felt it so interesting that in America we really don’t know so much about the ancient ways, the ancient religions  and beliefs.

blog - the merkaba cloudSo I got to see the Merkaba and the Protector of the Merkaba! So now what? What am I supposed to do with this information and the photos?

I do have to say that I feel so fortunate and blessed to have seen such figures in the sky. And to have been lucky to photograph them to see again and to share with others. But I feel there is a higher meaning to all of this. There is Relevance to me and to all of you that can imagine!

These clouds are angelic in nature and they are suggesting a message to me and to you if you so choose to accept it.

These clouds allow us to open up to our angel or angels. They allow us to accept the angels and to align with their presence. They allow us to connect to them and to seek their guidance and help on an everyday basis. This is what I believe now. You can choose to accept this meaning or to find another one. Or to ignore it altogether.  However, I don’t think you can dismiss these clouds and the fact that they had special form that was more than coincidence. I believe that some sort of intelligence had to form these images, these clouds.

Take a look and you determine for yourself what they are! I would love to hear what you think they are, and who created them, and why.

-Tom Lumbrazo