Angel Encounters

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On February 9, 2001, I avoided certain death in a major car accident. After the accident, the California Highway Patrol officer asked me what happened and he said if I was going 60  rather than 35 mph, I would have died. Oddly enough, just seconds before the accident, a strong male voice spoke to me in my car telling me to slow down to 35 mph on a wet freeway in Northern California. This was a loud voice, a real voice, and not in my head. My intuition kicked in and I did heed this suggestion to slow from 60 mph to 35mph.  I believe that helped me to survive this car accident that came within 30 seconds after I heard the voice.  I knew then that something extraordinary had just happened to me. Almost immediately, a series of events unfolded that opened my mind to other possibilities.

encounters - angels 2These events were progressive and intensified as the years passed.

About 5 years ago, in 2005, the most amazing incidents began to happen.  Even though I never before thought about believing in real angels (since I was a very pragmatic and practical guy), they started to appear to me.  It started in our bedroom in the early morning hours, sometimes with our bedroom lights coming on  for no reason, including one light fixture that was not plugged in. At the same time, our bed would be shaking violently back and forth as if someone was positioned on the side of the bed pushing it back and forth. These types of occurrences would naturally wake you up, and make you look around to see what or who is doing this to us. After searching the whole house, there was nothing. These occurred several times a week for a period of time and there was never anyone there that you can see or hear.

In that half-awake and half- asleep state after being woken up, I started to have visions. As I closed my eyes, images would appear almost immediately These visions were often of people I did not know or places I had not been. It seemed that these were somehow of past time or past life.  For example, one time I saw a woman in a very ornate dress, clearly a fashion of a past time. I clearly saw the detail on the dress and remembered it. The next day, I looked at women’s fashions in history on the internet and found nearly the exact dress design in the time of 1897.​

encounters - angels 3Sometimes I saw other things and began documenting these visions and or dreams.  On one of these early morning wake-up calls, I actually had my first vision—of an angel. I was in awe and excitement as I just could not believe what I saw. It was clearly an angel with a human face and body with huge wings that stretched over his head and down to nearly the ground. It was so detailed I could see each feather with the quality of a HD TV picture. This angel appeared that morning in two poses—one standing up with a sideways stance, and the other on a horse, with him turning his head to look at me. I knew at that time that he wanted me to see him and know that he was with me—but still I could not appreciate that this was a real angel.

After that vision that morning, I could not get those two images out of my head. The next day I seemed to be called to go to Borders Books. I went to the metaphysical section and immediately saw a book on angels. I picked it up and turned immediately to somewhere in the middle of the book by random. I had, by no coincidence, had turned to the beginning of a chapter on Archangel Michael. The image or drawing of Michael on that first page was nearly exact to what I had seen of him on the horse. So at that moment, I knew I really did see an angel and specifically which one—Archangel Michael. I could no longer say that I did not believe in angels. I saw one, and one that is so important among the archangels. I could no longer deny their existence.

Now, I know that Archangel Michael is always with me to assist me with my life  and to guide me.

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This vision was proven in reality in May 2008 in a cloud my wife Carol and I saw in Sedona, Arizona. As we were walking an outside labyrinth at a church there, the clouds began to form over our heads, and as we finished the labyrinth, we looked up and there was the angel cloud. I immediately took several pictures of it. Clearly it was Archangel Michael on his horse. You can see this photo below. It later became the cover photo for our first book, “Journey to the Clouds.

Shortly after this occurrence, I began seeing an angel presence when I closed my eyes for a few seconds.

Other indications of angels and their messages are more subtle. As the years have passed and still to this day, it seems like there are daily occurrences. Sometimes they manifest with unspoken words or messages in my head. Or very quiet messages to do something. I always try to do what is suggested. So far, it has always brought good things and many good results.

Sometimes, the messages happen other ways such as through meetings with other people that send me interesting messages. Or by some physical event happening that seems out of place. Synchronicity happens often and reveals many messages to me.

There are messages I get in the early morning hours showing me abstract symbols and beautiful colors. I also get messages by buzzing in one of my ears, or feeling a pressure on a certain part of my body. Weirdly, I also get messages through songs. Sometimes a song tune comes into my mind and I start to hum or sing it. Usually these songs are decades old like the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Carol and I try to figure out the title and research the lyrics for the message to us.​

encounters - angels 1In 2008 and 2009, I was awakened in the early morning hours almost every morning and I get the same message to have a small breakfast of cereal and 5 different kinds of nuts. After I eat the breakfast, I go back to bed and immediately intensive colors are delivered into my mind, and then I go to sleep. It seems like the angels want me to eat right and have certain vitamins and minerals.​

Whatever the means, I know that I have contact with angels. And now I honor them, for they have guided me to do some of the most wonderful things that I did not know I could or should do. And they are still here, everyday, helping me to live a full and loving life.

Perhaps you have had similar experiences with angels.

-Tom Lumbrazo