Santa Comes To Town

Everyone is always questioning whether there really is a Santa Claus! I certainly did as I grew up. Where is the proof that there is a Santa? Well, we might have it.

In July of 2011, my wife Carol and I went to a fundraiser for children near the city of Lincoln, California which is near Sacramento. The fundraiser was held on a property with large acreage. As we parked and got out of our car, we looked up to the North and at about a 10 o’clock position in the sky, there He was. Santa Claus in a cloud on his sleigh and even with some of his reindeer.

Now, I don’t know why he came that day, and why to this location. Perhaps because the fundraiser was for the benefit of children. Perhaps he always vacations in the summer in the Lincoln area. Maybe he was keeping the reindeer in shape for Christmas. But he did come that day.

As you can see by the photograph, his hat gives him away…it is a classic Santa hat. You can also see his sleigh and even some reindeer. A little fuzzy but he is there. I took several photographs…lucky I had my camera with me.


We showed the photograph to some of our friends¬†but just stopped at that. As November came along, the idea came to me to make this Santa into our Christmas Card. So we crafted some wording “Do you believe in Santa Claus? for the front of the card. And on the back, we said “We do”, with photographs of Carol and I at 3 years old to signify the importance of Santa to children.

I think that Santa wanted me to share this with you at this special time of year. The magic that Santa Claus brings to children certainly, but also to bring to all of us adults the magic and beauty of Santa Claus, and the meaning of his existence. These images in the sky have to make us wonder how does something like this appear in the clouds? What magic brings him to us? What thoughts come to mind when we see such an image in the sky?

Well, for me I have to simply wonder about all of existence. What intelligence could create Santa Claus for all of us to see in the reality of a cloud? To see Santa in the sky makes me think of all the children in need around the world. It makes me think of being more helpful to others. It makes me think of being more generous and also more thankful for what I have. It makes me think of Love, Peace, Serenity, Humility, Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion.

So when you see these images, what thoughts come in your mind? Does seeing this Santa change your life in some way?

Enjoy the Christmas card below!

-Tom Lumbrazo