ET Encounters

After my near death experience through a car accident in 2001, a gradual transformation occurred within me over the next many years. Much of that happened with the angel encounters as explained in that section. However, there were also in my opinion, several extraterrestrial  experiences during that time.

For example, there were several physical remnants of being visited by other beings during the early morning hours.  On one occasion, I woke up to see a square pattern in red on my upper left arm just above the elbow. This pattern was precisely 3/8 inches on all sides with tiny red puncture marks in a regular pattern within the square. It was on the back side of my arm and therefore not easily seen.  It lasted for a couple of days. It sure made me and others who saw it, wonder how such a precise pattern could end up on your arm.

Another example happened when waking up in the morning and seeing irregular marks on my face. This has happened many times, with the exact same patterns in the same exact place. These were represented on my face by a small scraping on my upper right cheek, and on the other cheek a triangular pattern indented into the skin. These lasted for over a day. I do not believe that they were sleep creases or indentations from laying on something, especially since the most prominent one occurred on the side of my face that I do not sleep on.

On another occasion I got out of bed in the morning and noticed a large deep cut into my upper right leg just above the knee. This one was slightly bleeding and very red all over. It was shaped like a smile. Upon magnification, the smile had cuts that represented teeth in the smile. There clearly is no explanation for this type of cut in this pattern without some sort of force doing it without my knowledge. This one took several days to heal.

On another morning, I had an incredible dream or vision that I saw a small flying saucer type of vehicle hovering outside my bedroom. In my vision or dream, I went outdoors to investigate. It was about 20 feet in diameter and hovering slightly above my head. I was looking directly up at the center of it, when it started going straight up slowly and then more rapidly. As it got out of sight, with my head bent so far upward to track it, I fell backward and hit the back of my head on my concrete patio. Instantly, I awoke as my head hit that concrete in my dream or vision. I then noticed a lot of blood coming from my nose. Prior to this, I had not had a nosebleed in years.  I read later that some people with ET encounters have said that things are inserted into the nose by these beings. I certainly feel that something like that is what happened to me.​

The last image that was imprinted on my body was a very large red shaped pattern that looked like a waffle-iron type pattern. This was over my right shoulder area and lasted for 5 days.

I have had visual encounters as well.  On our travels, I have taken photographs of ET looking beings in different parts of the world.  These include unexplained lights in the sky and depictions of ETs in stone carvings, petroglyphs and rock formations.

In summary, all I can say is that I believe that ET’s or beings from other dimensions appear to be visiting our world. I feel that in my personal case, these have been benevolent encounters. There has never been any pain or other issues associated with these occurrences. I also feel that there seems to be a common purpose to these events in combination with perhaps the angel encounters or visitations.

How do you think you would react to such events in your life? A good question to ponder isn’t it!

-Tom Lumbrazo