Earthly Encounters

After several years of visions since 2001, and growing with all sorts of psychic information coming in to me, in 2006, the earthly encounters began without warning. I run for exercise and this is how it began. One day, I was running over the same route I have taken for over 20 years. I was running on a sidewalk and I could not believe my eyes. I had to immediately stop and go back to what I saw. In the sidewalk, there were faces and bodies or animal figures, and what looked like Native Americans, all in an outline form. They were clearly there inside the sidewalk concrete material. Since they were faded somewhat, it was easy not to see them, and as a result, I am sure most people would not notice them. Weird to think I ran that same route for years and did not see the images, and then one day, there they are.

Well, this incident changed my whole view of things. How could such images be inside a concrete sidewalk? It was real, but how could it be? How do you explain it? As a result, my mind changed about such occurrences and my awareness changed. I could not go anywhere now without looking at the sidewalks and other features at ground level. I began to see more.

This led me to see similar images in rocks, in concrete walls, and other such features. I started taking pictures of these images and more and more was revealed.

I have seen such things as animals and people figures in rocks from around the world. I have seen rocks depicting people in various ceremonies, or even a mother with her baby in her arms. I have seen images of what appear to be ancient Romans either in battle, or just a face by itself. I have seen creatures formed by the spiraling water vapor that was coming off as steam when the lava hit the ocean at the Big Island of Hawaii.  On Hawaii, I have seen little invisible orange colored creatures that inhabit Hawaii. And of course, there are the many orbs that are around the world which can be photographed.

All of these occurrences have changed my life. My mind had to grasp the possibility that there is life in all forms and all around us. Actually, this concept is very comforting to me. We are not alone. At this point in my life, I have to say that our world is populated with so many other life forms than what we have been led to believe.

Perhaps we, as humans, don’t want to acknowledge other such intelligent beings as it might diminish our importance. So many of them are invisible to us but can be revealed with a camera. Others are just right there for all of us to see if we just slow down and look. We certainly have a lot of company.

See a sample below of just a few of the many “earthly creatures” that we have encountered.

-Tom Lumbrazo

Image on Sidewalk

Tar on a sidewalk with eyes, mouth, tongue, big ear, and heart in its center

Green rock with two faces of beings looking right at you

Little orange creatures on the Big Island of Hawaii