Sassy’s Visit

Most of us have pets and can tell some amazing stories about them. As you can see by the photograph of her, Sassy was a small female. But she ruled our house. At one time, we had 6 cats, all strays that came to our house and we took them in. They are lived together in harmony. But Sassy was the only female of the bunch. Amazingly, she was the smallest but the most powerful. All the male cats took orders from her or made sure they did not bother her.

​Over the last two years, you could sense she was beginning to age rapidly mostly by losing weight. Over the last 30 days, she was drinking water heavily, another sign of trouble for her. Then on Sunday, April 14, 2013 it was time and so we decided to take her to the Vet to allow her to pass to the next side with dignity. She went quickly. But as in such cases, Sassy was a part of our family and 16 years leaves an imprint on you. She certainly was a character and had her own distinctive personality.

For a couple of days after, we were so sad. The loss of her was immediately felt in our household. But then on Tuesday afternoon April 16 she made another appearance to say goodbye. We looked into the sky for some clouds that were coming by, and there she was in cloud form. What a surprise!

It was her for sure. A small cloud that was definitely her form, her ears, her eyes and rear large foot. Seemed like she even had a little smile. The cloud lasted for about 20 seconds. But it was enough for us to take her picture and to preserve her in cloud form but also to tell you this wonderful story of life, death, and life again. Yes, it appears that we all come back again in some form. We all send our love to Sassy and thank her for all the happiness she brought to us.​

-Tom and Carol Lumbrazo​