The Box of Daylight

encounters - main ravensRaven, the Trickster, was walking along the beach, it was the beginning of time. The world was dark. The sun, moon, and stars were kept in boxes by a wealthy old man who lived with his beautiful daughter at the Headwaters of the Nass River.  The Fishermen of the Night told Raven about the treasures, and he hurried to the house of Nass Shaak Aankaawu.

Raven transformed his spirit into a tiny spruce needle, which the young woman swallowed when she drank.  She became pregnant and gave birth to Raven in the form of a human child.

Like all grandfathers, old Nass Shaak Aankaawu loved his little grandson, and he gave him anything he asked for to play with. So when the child asked to play with the stars, moon and sun boxes, one by one the old man gave in to him. When nobody was looking, Raven opened the boxes, and the precious objects inside flew out through the smoke hole and up into the dark sky.

But there was still no light in the world. Raven turned himself back into his bird form again, and took the final box, the one they call the Box of Daylight. He flew back to the river where he opened the box, and broke daylight over the Fishermen.  They became frightened and they ran away and hid. They became the creatures of the night.

But the rest of the human beings looked around and they saw their world clearly for the first time. And they marveled.

One of the many versions of The Box of Daylight legend as told by the Naa Kahidi Theater.