Archangel Michael


Ever wonder if you would ever see an Angel? I always did and felt it would never happen. Here is the story.

First, I had an encounter with an Angel in February 2001 when a loud male voice came into my Jeep near the passenger side while I was driving 60 mph on Highway 65. The voice exclaimed “Slow to 35″. Well, it was so impressive I followed that guidance and slowed to 35 immediately. Seconds later another car passed me and stopped at a green light and turned perpendicular in front of my car at a traffic signal even though the light was green. There was no way to stop and there was a huge collision. The CHP officer that came to the scene told me that if I had been going 60, I would have surely died. That voice saved my life but the real question was why! I have spent the last many years trying to figure that out for myself.

Then around 2005 at 130am as I was sleeping with my wife Carol, the lights in our bedroom went on and off and the bed was being shaken side to side. This occurred several times over 2-3 weeks and then one early morning when it did it again, as I tried to go back to sleep, I had my first “Vision” ever while awake. The vision was of an Angel in color and precise detail. It was a male standing in profile with huge wings.

Then it changed to the same Angel on a horse. The next day, I went to Borders Books to look at Angel books to see if I could find the answer. The first book I picked up on angels was the one…and I turned to the middle somewhere and there was the picture of the exact angel on a horse. It was Archangel Michael. The most powerful of the  major four archangels. That was confirmation of what force saved me in the car accident. Now I knew who this was! But why me when so many people get in car accidents everyday and many die. Why was I saved from death?

Why did I have this Vision? And why did I have well over 200 more visions over the years of people, places, animals, strange signs, alien looking creatures, etc? Do they represent the future or the past or both?

I did not know what was in store for me years later.  In May of 2008, Carol and I went to Sedona, Arizona for a vacation. On this particular day …….took out some words here, we visited a church that had a labyrinth. Carol loves labyrinths. This one was huge and displayed on the concrete parking lot of the church.

As we walked the labyrinth on this mostly clear and sunny day, I noticed that the clouds were forming in front and above us. As we were finishing the labyrinth after about 20 minutes, the most astounding and phenomenal thing happened.

The clouds above us formed into an Angel…An angel on a horse. It was Archangel Michael again…I guess visiting us that day. He clearly made his presence known that day and fortunately I had my camera and took several photos before it disappeared into the other clouds. I have to say we were both shocked at what we saw. How could this angel cloud form like this and be so clear in its definition? What was the meaning of this for us?

It certainly was amazing and, at the same time, comforting to see and be presented with an Angel…and nonetheless, Archangel Michael, the most powerful of the Archangels.

It was certainly one of the most exciting experiences one can have in this lifetime. If I did not have my camera, and I told you this story, you would tell me…Yeah, Right! You saw an angel in the clouds”! I would not blame you to say this. But we did see the Angel and we captured it on camera. There is no doubt about what happened that day…there is absolute visible proof as you can see throughout this website. More particularly, this was the start of something significant. More and more clouds with such incredible images within them started to appear around me, and fortunately I had my camera to capture them. This website is a testament to the visible documentation of these images in the clouds.

This experience was so incredible, and I started to have so many other cloud images that we published our first book in 2009 called “Journey to the Clouds—Messages from the Sky” and that Angel photograph became the cover photo. Little did we know that day we saw the Angel cloud that we would do a book, let alone have an Angel on the cover. Perhaps that is why the Angel formed in the sky that day…so we could do that book and show everyone that image and allow everyone the chance to embrace their Angel.

I now know that Angels are around all of us and that all of us have the chance everyday to talk to them and ask them to help and support us. Now, I get messages from them in other ways, such as a whisper in my ear of a word or phrase, pressure on a finger or toe,  visions and other methods. Who would have thought?​

-Tom Lumbrazo