“I express my innermost feelings through my art. I have always sought out spiritual knowledge and spiritual connections. While each piece of art is different, a common theme that emanates from all is the heart. At the core of our heart/soul is love, which I feel sends out vibrating healing. Tapping into the true essence of our higher self and all that is good within us allows us to express beauty. ”  — Alan

Alan has become a good friend and mentor in my journey. He is also an amazing artist. Please visit his website at:



Francie, Linda, Victoria and Kathleen are my recommendations for Spiritual or Psychic assistance and help. I have used them for years with amazing results!

Francie Marie


Phone: 530-613-3679

Francie Marie is an excellent psychic and intuitive who is based in the Northern California Foothills.


spiritual guidance - linda



Linda Schooler has been a professional psychic since 1987. In 1997 she added animal communication to her field of work after 10 years as a volunteer pet therapy handler. Linda has been on T.V. and has had her own radio show. Just recently she was named best psychic in 2002 by the Sacramento News & Review.

As a psychic Linda hopes to bring greater clarity and depth into a persons life. A reading can also include communication with those people or animals who have crossed over. As an animal communicator she can help to strengthen the bond between pet and person.

spiritual guidance - victoria



I am Victoria Marihart, sacred heart-centered Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher. I have lived every single moment of this process of reclaiming my life, transforming from helpless depression, deprivation and self-loathing to joy, success and love for this crazy life.

I have had the great good fortune to study Curanderismo practices of  Peru, along with a touch of Celtic and Integrated Shamanic practices. These life skills and shamanic investigations lead me to my greatest lesson. Until I was fully present for myself in my life, until I fully loved and valued myself as I am in this moment, I could not be free to create a life I loved to live and I could not be fully present for others. Let me share this with you.

spiritual guidance - kathleen


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